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Open Database abstraction layer

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ID   Project Task Type Severity Summary Status Last Edited Progress
44 OpenDBX Bug Report Low Undefined dbpoll function called with freetds 1.3.3 Unconfirmed 2023-02-21 0% complete
43 OpenDBX Bug Report Medium [Bug] Build failed with gcc 11 Unconfirmed 2022-02-07 0% complete
42 OpenDBX Bug Report Low firebird backend: SQL_INTEGER datatype is not handled correctly on 64bit systems Unconfirmed 2020-05-07 0% complete
41 OpenDBX Bug Report Low sybase_basic.c:172: poor error checking ? Unconfirmed 2016-08-16 0% complete
40 OpenDBX Bug Report Low LIBSUFFIX confusion on OSX Unconfirmed 2015-06-16 0% complete
39 OpenDBX Feature Request Low No way to retrieve odbx version Unconfirmed 2012-09-26 0% complete
36 OpenDBX Bug Report Medium fieldValue function only returns null after first null result Unconfirmed 2011-01-26 0% complete
31 OpenDBX Feature Request Low SqlCipher backend - encrypted Sqlite3 New 2010-04-26 0% complete
27 OpenDBX Bug Report Medium Problem with Sybase on Windows New 2010-03-22 0% complete