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Task #39 — No way to retrieve odbx version

Attached to Project — OpenDBX
Opened by Alessandro (Ale) - Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012, 6:46pm
Feature Request Low
Library Normal
Unconfirmed 1.4.x
No-one Undecided
All 0% complete
There seems to be no way to learn the version of the odbx library that a program is being compiled with, as well as the version that is currently linked to it.

Adding that would allow to guard against incompatible changes, e.g. as:

if (odbx_libversion() < ODBX_LIBVERSION)

Conditional coding would also be possible, e.g.:

#if ODBX_LIBVERSION >= 0x010500
int status = odbx_ping(handle);
if (status != ODBX_ERR_SUCCESS &&
status != -ODBX_ERR_BACKEND)
return \"connection lost\";

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